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Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Christoph Miehl, and I am a Computational Neuroscientist. Currently, I am an HFSP postdoctoral fellow in the group of Brent Doiron at the University of Chicago. I did my Ph.D. in the group of Julijana Gjorgjieva at the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research Frankfurt and the School of Life Sciences at the TU Munich.

Feel free to browse my website and get in touch with me.


Christoph Miehl, Ph.D.

Computational Neuroscientist


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The main motivation of my research is to form a better understanding of biological processes underlying single neuron and neuronal network function. I believe that numerical and mathematical approaches can help us uncover the functional roles of various phenomena in the brain.

Network Modeling

Adapted from Schulz, Miehl et al., 2021 (eLife)


Adapted from Miehl & Gjorgjieva, 2022 (PLoS CB)

Synaptic Plasticity

Open & Inclusive Science

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