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Original research

Miehl C., Gjorgjieva J. (2022). Stability and learning in excitatory synapses by nonlinear inhibitory plasticity. PLoS Comput Biol, 18(12):e1010682. More info here.

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Reviews and perspectives

Sawicki J.*, Berner R.*, Loos S.A.M.*, ... Miehl C., et al. (2023). Perspectives on adaptive dynamical systems. arXiv, More info here.

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Sela‑Vasiliu S.*, Miehl C.*, Huygelier H.*, Oren‑Suissa M., Gjorgjieva J., Gillebert C.R. (2022). FENS‑Kavli Network of Excellence: Mentorship during the COVID‑19 pandemic: Perspectives, challenges and opportunities. European J of Neurosci. More info here.

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