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COSYNE 2023 - organized workshop & workshop talk

Together with Samuel Eckmann and Yue Kris Wu I organized a COSYNE workshop on "Shaping circuit functions via plastic and diverse inhibition". Our speaker list included: Helen Barron, Anne-Marie Oswald, Tim Vogels, Julijana Gjorgjieva [replaced by me], Marina Garrett, Loreen Hertäg, Gregory Handy and Ken Miller.

Workshop abstract:

Inhibitory neurons are remarkably diverse, shape circuit connectivity and dynamics through mechanisms of synaptic plasticity, and are critically involved in virtually every brain function. This workshop will discuss recent experimental and theoretical developments to provide new insights regarding two key questions:

  1. How does interneuron subtype diversity contribute to circuit function?

  2. What are the functional roles of inhibitory plasticity beyond homeostasis?

Over the last few years, our understanding of the functional roles of inhibitory interneurons and plasticity at inhibitory synapses has improved drastically. However, despite this progress, we still lack a comprehensive understanding of how different interneuron subtypes cooperatively enable disparate functions like context-dependent processing, predictive coding, or selective attention. Similarly, how interneuron-specific plasticity gives rise to computation in circuits of multiple interneuron-subtypes remains unclear.

This workshop promises to provide new directions by putting recent experimental and theoretical developments into context with each other — integrating diverse studies into a holistic picture of inhibitory circuit plasticity and function.

The workshop will feature experimental work across multiple spatial scales, as well as a diverse set of computational approaches, and will stimulate discussion between scientists from a wide spectrum of backgrounds.

As part of the workshop, I gave a talk with the title: "Functional roles of inhibitory plasticity: stability, control of excitatory plasticity, and beyond".

More infos on the COSYNE 2023 workshops can be found here.


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